Have You Wondered How Your Dental Crown Is Placed?

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If you have suffered tooth decay or an unwanted cosmetic flaw to the extent that a tooth stands out from your smile, Dr. Paul Sommers may recommend a dental crown to repair and enhance the tooth. If you are interested in learning the process of how your dental crown is placed, Dr. Paul Sommers offers a step-by-step review.

1-First, we will examine the tooth first to determine if it is healthy enough to support a dental crown. During this process, we may take dental X-rays to see if the inner tooth structure is compromised.

2-Dr. Paul Sommers will then create a post-shaped abutment out of the dentin, pulp, and tooth root by removing the tooth enamel. This abutment will allow us to anchor your dental crown in place.

3-Our dentist will also develop a detailed impression of your smile, including the abutment and neighboring teeth. We will then send the impression to our dental lab, where talented technicians will create the dental crown. In the meantime, we will place a temporary dental crown to protect your abutment.

4-Once the lab has sent the crown to our office, we will have you visit Paul R Sommers DDS again, where we will remove the temporary crown before cementing your permanent dental crown in place.

Please feel free to contact Paul R Sommers DDS at 920-261-5110 if you have a tooth you are unhappy about and are wondering about the process of placing a dental crown in Watertown, Wisconsin.