If a Dental Crown Falls Out, You Need to Seek Dental Treatment

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Dental crowns are typically bonded onto their anchoring abutments with a strong dental grade adhesive. This is meant to replicate the original strength you enjoyed in the natural tooth before it was affected.

However, there are some rare instances where the bond between a dental crown and the anchoring abutment can be compromised. This could be the related to poor oral hygiene complications or some form of oral trauma.

If one of your dental crowns falls off its anchoring, the wisest course of action is to seek timely treatment from an experienced dentist like Dr. Paul Sommers as soon as possible.

While you await your appointment at Paul R Sommers DDS, you should not attempt to brush, floss, or clean any of the exposed abutment or the dental crown. Dr. Paul Sommers and his professionally trained staff will perform any necessary cleaning treatments during the examination.

After assessing the nature and severity of the problem, our dentist will help you understand your treatment options. This might call for reseating the crown, replacing the crown, or performing a root canal to address any distress that might have been suffered by the abutment.

If you are in the Watertown, Wisconsin, area, and if you are having a problem with a dental crown, you need to call 920-261-5110 and seek professional treatment from Dr. Paul Sommers.