Medications and Your Oral Health Care

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Medications and your oral health care can be used together to provide the optimum level of treatment for a person. However, medications may cause some side effects to your teeth and gums. Key facts about medications pertaining to your oral health include the following:

– Before taking any form of medication, you should first speak with your dentist to determine if it will negatively disturb your oral health.
– Oral medications that are inhaled can lead to an infection termed oral candidiasis, also known as thrush. One potential treatment method is to always clean out your mouth after inhaling any form of medication.
– Medications can be taken either via prescription or via over-the-counter store-bought products.
– Medications can play a key role in your oral health, as there are many complications and side effects that can arise.
– Traditional side effects of medications include dry mouth, which is a medical disorder that comes about when there is less saliva in your mouth.

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