Smile Marvels: Orthodontics

Have you ever heard of a specialized field of dentistry known as orthodontics? To ensure your smile receives the care it deserves, seek out ways to improve your oral health and eliminate risks associated with teeth that are out of alignment. If for any reason you have teeth that are... Read more »

Can I Avoid Oral Cancer?

Perhaps the most unpleasant thing about any cancer is the fact that you really have almost no control over whether or not you’ll get it. With other health problems, you can usually do a lot to stay away from them. However, oral cancer is one of the few cancers that... Read more »

Plan for Your Smile With Gingivitis Treatments

Building a better smile includes always taking the necessary steps to limit the effects of gingivitis on your oral health. If you're unaware of what gingivitis is, it is an early stage of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. Gum disease arises when there are infections in your gums... Read more »

Super Smiles: Cold and Flu Season

If you find yourself suffering from a cold or the flu, you may be putting your smile in harm’s way of several oral health risks. If you are sick, make sure you are continuing to clean your mouth and teeth. Oftentimes, you may begin to neglect your oral health care... Read more »

Top Notch Smiles Include Dental Erosion and Cavity Prevention

Building a better oral health care repertoire begins with taking the necessary steps to enhance your smile by protecting and guarding against well-known risks associated with cavities. Cavities are the product of holes in your tooth enamel that can occur and give rise to infections and potential tooth loss. Thus,... Read more »

If a Dental Crown Falls Out, You Need to Seek Dental Treatment

Dental crowns are typically bonded onto their anchoring abutments with a strong dental grade adhesive. This is meant to replicate the original strength you enjoyed in the natural tooth before it was affected. However, there are some rare instances where the bond between a dental crown and the anchoring abutment... Read more »

Don’t Neglect the Care of Your Gums

In order to enjoy a strong and healthy smile, you need to properly and regularly care for your gums. Our dentist and dental team can help you keep your gums in good health, and we encourage you to to take the following steps for gum care regularly: - Brush for... Read more »

The Basics of TMD

TMD, more commonly known as a TMJ disorder, leave many Americans with a lot of questions when they receive a diagnosis. We are glad to address your concerns, and can answer several of your initial questions now to help you get a firmer grasp on the nature of this condition.... Read more »

Improve the Care of Your Smile with Tooth Hazard Treatments

  If you're not already done so, it is a good idea to establish a tooth hazard prevention plan to correct any issues and ailments that may exist with your smile. The more you can do to keep your smile safe; the healthier smile will be and the longer it... Read more »

Have You Wondered How Your Dental Crown Is Placed?

If you have suffered tooth decay or an unwanted cosmetic flaw to the extent that a tooth stands out from your smile, Dr. Paul Sommers may recommend a dental crown to repair and enhance the tooth. If you are interested in learning the process of how your dental crown is... Read more »