Smile Marvels: Orthodontics

Have you ever heard of a specialized field of dentistry known as orthodontics? To ensure your smile receives the care it deserves, seek out ways to improve your oral health and eliminate risks associated with teeth that are out of alignment. If for any reason you have teeth that are not straightened and are suffering from bad bites, our team... read more »

Better Smiles Await with Malocclusion Treatments

A malocclusion is a bad bite that is the result of misalignments in your teeth and jaws. Most malocclusions are correctable with orthodontic care. A better smile awaits with malocclusion therapy. The key to understanding malocclusions includes the following: Incisor Malocclusions: - Open bites are triggered when your upper and lower incisors failed to connect when biting down. - Underbites,... read more »