Top Notch Smiles Include Dental Erosion and Cavity Prevention

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Building a better oral health care repertoire begins with taking the necessary steps to enhance your smile by protecting and guarding against well-known risks associated with cavities. Cavities are the product of holes in your tooth enamel that can occur and give rise to infections and potential tooth loss. Thus, it is important to eliminate cavities whenever possible. Typically, cavities are the result of dental erosion, which occurs when harmful acids in your mouth begin to wear away your tooth enamel. To help protect your mouth against any risks of dental erosion and cavity prevention, improve your diet and improve your oral health care cleaning routines.

Risk factors for dental erosion often relate to a lack of saliva in your mouth. This can include acid reflux and dry mouth. Both of these symptoms will cause additional enamel erosion due to a reduction of saliva in your mouth. This is because saliva is a natural substance in your mouth that can help wash away debris, neutralize acids, and provide disease-fighting substances for your smile. To help produce additional saliva, try chewing sugarless gum after meals or eating crunchy foods with a high water content.

Chewing sugarless gum after meals has been shown to lower your risk for dental erosion because your teeth tend to be highly sensitive at this time. If you try to brush your teeth after eating, it may cause additional dental abrasion. Instead, chew sugarless gum to clean your mouth. However, you should not abandon your brushing and flossing methods. Make sure you continue to brush your teeth twice every day and floss once a day as well. If your traditional tools are not working as effectively as they should, switch them out for easier-to-operate utensils such as electric toothbrushes or water flossers.

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