What Are the Advantages of TMJ Treatments?

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Your TMJs, also called your temporomandibular joints, are complex ball-and-socket joints on both sides of your face that facilitate the movement of your mouth. With the help of a multifaceted configuration of muscles, ligaments, discs and sockets, your jaw is able to move in an amazing array of angles for a variety of functions and benefits. However, due to the intricate nature of the joints, they can easily be damaged, resulting in what is known as a temporomandibular disorder, also called a TMD.

If you have a TMD, you can lower any pain associated with it with heat packs and ice packs. Ice packs are a wonderful selection if you experience swelling or inflammation, whereas heat packs are more suited for pain control. For alternative pain relievers, medication may be prescribed by your dentist. Even meditative treatments and routines such as music, yoga, and biofeedback can help reduce pain and eradicate stress.

There may be an underlying condition that is causing your TMD, such as bruxism. Bruxism occurs when you grind, clench, or gnash your teeth, often unknowingly while you sleep. This condition can wear down tooth enamel and place further pressure on your jaw, which could be the cause of your TMD. To help assuage the effects of bruxism, you dentist can give you a bite plate or night guard to use.

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